Windows 7 Generating Solid Upgrade Wave

Windows 7 was officially abandoned in January 2020, and today Microsoft says this important milestone has produced quite a wave of upgrades throughout the year.

This is something that totally is sensible, especially because Windows 7 was running on nearly 1 in 4 computers during the time of its demise.

It’s not a secret Windows 7 continues to be one of the most successful operating systems ever released by Microsoft, so its end of support obviously wasn’t the best news for many.

Theoretically, a Windows 7 computer can run Windows 10 just flawlessly, as the hardware requirements haven’t changed much, though for the full experience, a brand new computer continues to be required.

Which is what Microsoft says too, recommending people to buy a new PC if they want the full feature lineup in Windows 10.

Solid wave of upgrades

Microsoft says no more support for Windows 7 has produced an essential quantity of upgrades throughout 2020. And what’s more, it’s expected to continue in 2021 too, the company explains.

“In Windows, the stronger PC market resulted in overall OEM revenue development of 1 percent, despite a powerful prior year comparable in OEM Pro from the end of support for Windows 7. OEM non-Pro revenue grew 24 percent, and OEM Pro revenue declined 9 percent. Inventory levels ended the quarter within the normal range,” the company said earlier this week after publishing its latest earnings report.

“In our consumer business, we anticipate seeing healthy demand for PCs and productivity tools continue, though growth rates will again be impacted by no more support for Windows 7 this past year. In Gaming, we expect continued strong engagement on the Xbox platform and significant interest in the Xbox Series X and S which will still be constrained by supply. And our Search and LinkedIn businesses should take advantage of the improving advertising market.”

The marketplace share of Windows 7 is slowly dropping, but right now, it still operates on about 20 percent of devices available.