Microsoft Warns of Discord Bug Causing Some Windows 10 Games to Crash

Microsoft has warned that some games using Direct3D 12 might neglect to launch due to a bug in Discord if the in-game overlay is enabled.

The problem is listed like a known issue in the latest cumulative updates shipped by Microsoft on the February 2021 Patch Tuesday rollout for Windows 10 devices.

“Microsoft and Discord have discovered incompatibility issues with some games using Direct3D 12 when the in-game overlay feature of Discord is enabled. When attemping to open affected games you may receive an error, or even the game might close silently,” Microsoft explains.

Needless to say, since the whole thing is going on when using the in-game overlay, the easiest workaround available right now would be to just switch off this feature.

A patch is already up for grabs

But on the other hand, worth knowing is the fact that Discover has already resolved the issue, so users are strongly recommended to set up the latest version as quickly as possible.

“This issue is now resolved within an update towards the Discord app. To ensure you’re around the new edition, right click the Discord icon within the notification area and choose “Check for updates…”. If there are updates to install, it should install automatically however, you might need to choose the arrow icon within the upper right corner of the app to install the new version. There is no update for Windows required to resolve this problem,” the organization explains.

The issue hitting Windows 10 games is also encountered after installing the most recent cumulative updates released by Microsoft, which is the reason it’s listed like a known issue as part of the latest rollout. For now, however, the good thing is that the fix is already available for download, so users can just install the most recent Discord version to prevent everything.