Privacy policy

  • 3.1Our company takes full responsibility of a client’s personal information protection. Our company doesn’t sell and doesn’t give any private information to third parties. The only reason for using Client’s information is connected with the trouble-shooting process: placing an order, refunding, exchanging and supporting;
  • 3.2.You are required to own an original copy of the title you intend to backup, if you sell or give away the original copy, you will either, (A) Destroy that backup or (B) Give the backup to the person receiving the original. This restriction applies to PC and MAC.

  • Terms of Service:
  • 4.1 Our store reserves the right to refuse selling or providing service to anyone without any additional explanation.

  • Delivery of Software purchased in our Store
  • 5.1 The Client will receive an email notification (after a successful order) which contains all the necessary directions on how to get to the download area, how to get software downloaded and get it activated;
  • 5.2 The order will be processed and the access to the customer’s area will be given within 1 hour or less after the order has been placed. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours after order placement, you should contact us and the Store will resend it to you if the transaction has not been declined by the billing agency. If your order has been unsuccessful – no money will be deducted from your Bank account.

  • Solving problems with software / contact info
  • 6.1 Please browse through the
  • FAQ section for an answer before writing to our Support team
  • 6.2 If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ, please leave a ticket (which contains only Your problem) with the type of question (preferable method) or contact us by phone (you can see the contact information on the Store’s main page) or write to us. You can do this from your download area
  • 6.3 Support will only be provided if we do have a successful order proof.